# AV-98 A Simple terminal base Gemini browser

AV-98 is the simplest, light and minimal terminal browser for Gemini that I found and tried. Give a try

Clone it

git clone https://tildegit.org/solderpunk/AV-98.git

After you clone it go to the folder

cd AV-98

And start the program

python3 ./av98.py

Then the prompt will change to


## How to use AV-98

AV-98 it has almost no learning curve to start using it, here is a list of the commands you will need

| Command | Actions                                |
| ------- | -------------------------------------  |
| go      | + addresss                             |
| back    | + back one page                        |
| quit    | exit av-98                             |
| less    | to pipe current page to the less pager |

Now that the software is open type a Gemini address

AV-98>go gemini://fulladdress
AV-98>go gemini://darknesscode.xyz
AV-98>go darknesscode.xyz

The go option accepts the full address or just the domain name

To follow a link just type the number of it


To go back to the previous page type


Sometimes the capsules will not fit in the terminal/screen for read it, to have a better view type less


This will pipe and render the capsule in less pager and you can use the arrow keys or j and k to scroll up and down

To exit the browser just type


Tha’s it very simple!!!



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