# Install a Crontab

Cron is a command-line utility (cli), known as cron job as well. Is a job scheduler on Unix-like operating systems.

## Install

There are some cron jobs utilities out there, The one i use is cronie For Arch Linux and Void Linux and for Debian i use cron.

## Arch Linux

sudo pacman -S cronie

## Debian

sudo pacman install cron

## Void Linux

sudo xbps-install -S cronie

## Enabled Crontab

Arch Linux (systemd)

sudo systemctl enabled cronie.service

Debian (systemd)

sudo systemctl enabled cron

Void Linux (init)

sudo ln -s /etc/sv/cronie /var/service/

Here are some examples in how to work with contrab

Crontab Examples



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