# Install Printers In Linux

If you have a minimal install of Linux and need to install a printer

## Need Software

system-config-printer (gui optional)
drivers (printer)

### Install CUPS & Config Printer

Archi Linux

sudo pacman -S cups system-config-printer


sudo apt install cups system-config-printer

Void Linux

sudo xbps-install -S cups system-config-printer

### LP Group

After the installation is done, check if you user is menger of the group lp


If your user is not part of the group lp

usermod -aG lp <user>

Then log out and login or restart you computer

## Drivers

Drivers are very different in between distributions and some of the printer out there don’t have drivers for some distros

If you are planing to get a printer, check if that printed has a driver for linux and the distribution you use

This drivers are for Arch Linux and are in the AUR repositories

Brother AUR



sudo pacman -S gutenprint
sudo pacman -S foomatic-db-ppds

Epson AUR


## Setup Printer

After you done with the installation, add the printer. You have two options

Follow the instructions in each program to setup your printer



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