# Install udisks2 To Manipulate Storage Devices

udisks provides a deamon udisksd, that implements D-Bus interfaces use to query and manpulate storage devices, and a command-line tool udisksctl, used to query and use the daemon

udisks2 is installed by defatul in most Linux Distros, if ins’t install install it with:

## Arch Linux

sudo pacman -S udisks2

## Debian

sudo apt install udisks2

## Void Linux

sudo xpbs-install -S udisks2

## How to mount a removable drive

To manually mount an external usb drive, for example /dev/sda it will be

To mount:

udisksctl mount -b /dev/sda1

To unmount:

udisksctl unmount -b /dev/sda1

## For more info

In the terminal run


The output it will be something like

  udisksctl COMMAND

  help            Shows this information
  info            Shows information about an object
  dump            Shows information about all objects
  status          Shows high-level status
  monitor         Monitor changes to objects
  mount           Mount a filesystem
  unmount         Unmount a filesystem
  unlock          Unlock an encrypted device
  lock            Lock an encrypted device
  loop-setup      Set-up a loop device
  loop-delete     Delete a loop device
  power-off       Safely power off a drive
  smart-simulate  Set SMART data for a drive

Use "udisksctl COMMAND --help" to get help on each command.

Then run something like

usdisksctl mount --help

That’s it. Have fun using the terminal…



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