# Gemini Capsule and HTML Website are both the same now

I’ve reading a few capsules in the Gemini protocol for a while and I found some interesting capsules. At the same time those capsules have a html website version. These guys did the same version of their capsules to look almost the same in the html version.

I like that idea, have two sites in different protocols and have the same look and feeling when I reading or pocking around in this capsules/websites.

So, I’ve done the same with my dummy websites to look the same that my dummy capsule.

Website - Capsule

There different ways to convert your Gemini to html or html to Gemini

For gmi to html I found gmi2html check the project in notabug


For html to gmi I found html2gmi check the project in github


And md to gmi check this project in github


There are more projects out there, I tested these three projects and they do the work. But I did my dummy websites in hugo and decided to make a template that almost match the look that i have in my capsule, the result was a very basic and simple theme with a bit of css, you can see the result in the picture above.

Like this post, I wrote it in gmi markup then in my vim config i have a command to copy and change the extension to my hugo directory, I use the same text structure in both files the only problem that I have is I have to change the links manually, they a very different but that isn’t a big deal for me



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