# Setup a Gemini Capsule

Gemini Capsules are very simple to create, the type of files that are need to create a capsule are .gmi or .gemini.

The syntax of this files are very similar to markdown, but more simple.

Here is example of a static capsule and it syntax

## Structure

Have a good structure for the capsule is important, is like in any site or project organization is very important for manage

└── gemini-capsule/
	├── post/
  	│   ├── 00-00-0000-post-01.gmi
  	│   ├── 00-00-0000-post-02.gmi
  	│   ├── 00-00-0000-post-03.gmi
  	│   └── 00-00-0000-post-04.gmi
  	├── mews/
  	│   ├── 00-00-0000-news-01.gmi
  	│   └── 00-00-0000-news-02.gmi
  	└── index.gmi

## Gemini File Syntax

The syntax of Gemini file is very simple, and it is just a plane text.

Here is a example of the index.gmi

# My Awesome Capsule

This is a paragraph of my capsule

## ## About Me

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nunc enim dui, luctus elementum posuere a, aliquet nec erat. Ut ultricies tortor ac venenatis blandit. Nam scelerisque hendrerit rhoncus. Nam non lacinia ipsum, id luctus tortor.

Praesent feugiat sapien et libero ultrices luctus. Nunc ultricies varius maximus. Sed diam massa, sagittis sed tristique et, cursus non erat. Ut scelerisque mi tincidunt pharetra porttitor. Pellentesque id nibh bibendum, dignissim massa id, faucibus nulla.

# My Posts

=> post/00-00-0000-post-01.gmi This a link for my firs post
=> post/00-00-0000-post-02.gmi Post 02
=> post/00-00-0000-post-03.gmi Post 03
=> post/00-00-0000-post-04.gmi Post 04

=> post/index.gmi A full list of posts

# News

=> new/00-00-0000-news-01.gmi Post 04
=> new/00-00-0000-news-02.gmi Post 04

## ## This is a sub header

This is a inline link
=> https://somewhere.com To this page
All this without black spaces in between lines. An will be a paragraph.

# Another links to other sites

=> gemini://somewhere.xxx To a Gemini Capsule
=> gopher://somewhere.xxx To a Gopher Hole
=> https://somewhere.xxx To a Web Site

This is my awesome footer

For the rest of the pages are the same syntax or format, just need to be link in between pages.



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