# Services & Daemons in Void Linux Runit

Void uses the runit supervision suite to run system services and daemons

## Basic Usage

To start, stop, restart or get the status of a service:

sv up <services>
sv down <services>
sv restart <services>
sv status <services>


sv status dhcpcd

See the man sv(8) for more information

## Enabling Services

Void Linux provides service directories for most daemons in /etc/sv/

To enable a service on a booted system, create a symlink to the service directory in /var/service/

ln -s /etc/sv/<service> /var/service/

## Disabling Services

To disable a service, remove the symlink from the running runsvdir

rm /var/service/<service>

## Testing Services

To check if a service is working correctly when started by the service supervisor, run it once before fully enabling it:

touch /etc/sv/<service>/down
ln -s /etc/sv/<service> /var/service/
sv once <service>

If everything works, remove the down file to enable the service.



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