# Temux Commands

Here are the most useful commands when running tmux

Create new session with name

Crate a new session

tmux new -A -s [session-name]

The same command can be use to attach to a session that it was created before, if session don’t exist it will create one

Create new window

CTRL + b -> c

Split window in panes


CTRL + b -> |


CTRL + b -> _

Some tricks

Ctrl+B Alt+1 | Even horizontal splits
Ctrl+B Alt+2 | Even vertical splits
Ctrl+B Alt+3 | Horizontal span for the main pane, vertical splits for lesser panes
Ctrl+B Alt+3 | Vertical span for the main pane, horizontal splits for lesser panes
Ctrl+B Alt+5 | Tiled layout

Rename window

CTRL + b -> ,

Then type the name for the new window

Rename tmux session

Using prefix inside tmux

CTRL + b -> $

From the command pront inside tmux

CTRL + b -> :


rename-session [-t current-name] [new-name]

From the terminal

tmux rename-session [-t current-name] [new-name]

Detached session

CTRL + b -> d

That will detached the from the session, the you can attached to the session by name



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